Digital consultation hour

Due to the current coronavirus measures it is not possible for us to organise our regular consultation hours physically at the Rechtswinkel.
In order to allow you to nonetheless present your legal questions to us, we have decided to offer you digital consultation hours instead. In accordance with our regular consultation hours, these will be organised both on Tuesday and on Thursday evenings from 19:30 to 21:00. We cover the vast majority of law. However, we cannot answer questions about criminal law, tax law and corporate law.
During the digital consultation hour you will enter a video call with two of our advisors, in which you get the opportunity to orally clarify your legal problem and/or questions.

Making an appointment
In case you wish to make an appointment for one of our digital consultation hours, you will have to send an e-mail to:
We kindly request you to mention the following information in this e-mail:
1. Subject line: Appointment digital consultation hours
2. Tuesday or Thursday? (or no preference)
3. The following personal details are required:
– Initials and surname
– Nationality
– Date of birth
– Gender (in reference to the form of address in our correspondence)
– Telephone number
– Street name and number
– Postal code and place of residency
4. How did you hear about us? (Please choose from the following options: acquaintances/family; previous visit; website; Facebook; Google; media; other)

Relevant documents
In order to ensure a streamlined procedure, we recommend you attach the relevant documents relating to your legal questions to the aforementioned e-mail. This way, we can prevent having to request these documents after the digital consultation which will of course affect the handling time of your case.
In case you are wondering which documents might be relevant to your case, the following examples might help:
• Labour law: employment contract, collective labour agreement and correspondence with your employer
• Family law: cohabitation agreement, divorce settlement agreement, parental access arrangements and child maintenance arrangements
• Rental law: rental contract and general terms and conditions
• Consumer law: sales contract and general terms and conditions
• Insurance law: insurance contract and policy conditions
• Administrative law: decisions by the government (municipality, province, ministry) and sketches / photos of the situation.
After you have made an appointment, we will contact you about the date and time the digital consultation will take place, as well as send you a link which you can join the video call with.
For questions specifically related to our digital consultation hours, you can send an email to:

The other option: legal advise by e-mail
In case you prefer to explain your legal question in written form via e-mail, you can still use our online procedure. For more information about asking your legal questions via e-mail, visit our information page.

General terms and conditions
The general terms and conditions of Stichting Rechtswinkel Eindhoven apply fully to both the digital consultation hours as well as the online procedure.
The general terms and conditions can be found on our website and will be sent free of charge upon request.

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