Our approach

Our weekly open consultation hours are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7.30 PM to 8.45 PM. Prior to a consultation we ask you to fill out an intake form, which we use to discern how to best answer your question.

The information you provide on the form gives us the ability to determine which advisor would be best suited for your case, as we can match the topic of your question with the expertise of our advisors. Our legal advisors are assisted by experienced professionals. These professionals are present during our consultation hours and offer us assistance in solving legal cases.

Our approach consists of the following three phases:


Every case starts with an interview. Here you will have the opportunity to present your situation to two of our advisors. In some cases our advisors will be able to immediately provide you with information or advice, however certain topics will require follow-up steps.


There are numerous services that we can provide for you. We can further investigate your question and then provide you with information or advice. Additionally our advisors can prepare a letter for you, which we can send on behalf of both you as the Rechtswinkel. Furthermore we can contact the opposing party (or a third party) by telephone or e-mail. As a general rule we aim to supply you with the tools to resolve questions on your own, without our direct interference, as we believe this to be the best approach to solving legal problems. These tools will be outlined in a written advice.

Possible follow-up interview

If the situation requires it, one or more follow-up meetings can take place with your advisors. They will discuss the course of events with you during a follow-up meeting. At that time they will reassess the situation and discuss any new follow-up steps with you. If required we will provide you with additional assistance in solving your case.


  • Our approach

Our approach

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